Tonight is the night people! Get ready to watch those golden locks glisten because it’s the Bieb-sters big night! For the film time ever he will be strutting the red carpet in honor of himself and the premiere of his film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. And just because Paramount loves you, they will be starting a live stream of the event at 5:00pm PST which I’m sure will have a star-studded red carpet so dazzling you’ll need sunglasses to watch it!

As many of you know I’ve been watching Bieber for some time now, I’m not that familiar with anything he’s done, but the media circus around him is just fascinating and I’m sure tonight will be no expectation. Watch the craziness unfold before your eyes in the live broadcast which you can watch on ScreenCrave below the jump….

I’ve been told that there will also be never before seen exclusive content, messages from (your favorite six-pack and co.) the Jersey Shore cast, Kardashians, and other fun celebs! Oh yeah, bringing out the big guns!

Watch live streaming video from bieberpremiere at

What do you think? You think tonight will be the greatest night? Or the absolute greatest night EVER!?