Are you ready to go on a Fantastic Voyage? Apparently Shawn Levy is because according to Deadline, he’ll helm the 20th Century Fox and James Cameron produced epic of the same name. The last time we heard anything about the project was last March when Paul Greengrass was in talks to direct, which is no longer the case.

Sources close to the project claim that Levy will direct a 3D reimagining of the 1966 film that originally starred Raquel Welch and Stephen Boyd. The film centered on “a team of scientists shrunk into a ship in an attempt to save a colleague’s life.” We’re hearing that a big chunk of the movie will be CGI following the crew’s initial transformation. The script is written by Shane Salerno, with Laeta Kalogridis working on a polish.

Levy seems to be making a serious change in his career. He’s gone from helming comedies (Night at the Museum),to action flicks (Real Steel), and now he’s reworking a sci-fi classic. We wonder what it is about him that has Cameron and Fox convinced he’s the man for the job? We don’t have anything against the guy, but this is a tentpole for the studio that has name recognition attached to it. What will the die hard fans think?

What do you think Levy directing Fantastic Voyage?