Sunday evening, we saw more than our fair share of TV shows and movies promoted during the Super Bowl. Marvel Entertainment doubled up with spots for Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor. This marked the first time that anyone had seen footage from Captain America, which showed a frail Chris Evans turn into a buff super soldier. Check out the TV spots for both films below…

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Besides Evans casting as Steve Rogers, we were concerned about how they would portray the character before he became a super soldier. In the comic, he’s described as a weakling. Here it appears as though his body was manipulated with the help of CGI to make him shorter and thinner. What do you think of the physical transformation?

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Nothing about the Thor TV spot blows us away. There are small glimpses of new footage, but nothing major. The most noticable addition comes from the few shots of Destroyer. It’s the large, silver almost robot-like creature that’s covered from head to toe in armor. What do you think of his look?

What do you think of the Captain America and Thor Super Bowl spots? Which is your favorite?

Source: Yahoo