This week’s episode of “Fringe” was entitled “Concentrate and Ask Again” and it was all about mind over bones. The Fringe team set out to find two soldiers turned terrorists who have a “bone to pick” with a politician and a couple scientists. In the process, the FBI gets some help from one of Walter’s former “patients” and several revelations about the case and their personal lives are made. Check out the review…

The Players:

  • Director: Dennis Smith
  • Writers: Matt Pitts, Graham Roland
  • Cast: Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole, Blair Brown

Episode Title: ” Concentrate and Ask Again”

After a scientist’s boneless body is found in his office, the Fringe team discovers that three former soldiers were behind the attack. While overseas, the men were part of a testing program that damaged their DNA causing their future children to develop without a skeleton. To seek vengeance they generated a toxin that could cause the same effect after one spray. In order to find the suspects Walter locates a former Cortexiphan subject with the ability to read minds.

The Good:

  • Olivia/Nina: During season one, Nina was a subdued villain who couldn’t be trusted and now she’s one of the Fringe division’s most trusted allies. Who would have thought three years ago that her and Olivia would have a heart to heart about the men in their lives one day? Olivia surprised me when she opened up to her about Peter, and Nina responded with personal info about her feelings for William Bell. Who knew?
  • Simon the Mind Reader: Simon was a former Cortexiphan test subject who developed the ability to read minds. He’s spent the majority of his life in isolation because of the overbearing nature of his power. Seeing him be so cut off from the world made Olivia see how disconnected she was to everyone –including Peter.
  • Sam: Kevin Corrigan made a surprise appearance at the end of this episode as Sam Weiss and he delivered some devastating news. Peter is the only one who can operate Walternate’s world destroying machine and depending on which Olivia he chooses, will determine the outcome of both universes.

The Bad:

  • Peter Still Has Feelings for Fauxlivia: The entire episode, Peter had assured Olivia that he cared about her and the only feelings he has towards Fauxlivia are of resentment. Yet, when Simon read his mind, he saw the exact opposite. Plus, Sam confirmed this when he told Nina that he wasn’t sure if Peter would choose our Olivia over the fake. What’s with all the contradiction? Between this and his shape shifter killing spree from last week, Peter is turning into a suspect character.


This week’s episode was more about isolation and love than melting bones. They’re definitely setting us up for an Olivia/ Peter/ Fauxlivia showdown. We can’t wait!

Rating: 9/10

“Fringe” airs Friday nights on Fox at 9 pm.

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