Commercials have officially taken over! In fact there is even a commercial promoting the Superbowl commercials and a whole new section on Hulu devoted entirely to voting for your favorite commercial DURING the game. Does anyone actually watch the Superbowl anymore? Or is it becoming just another Holiday for over-indulgence, getting drunk and as previously stated and already known, advertising? Hmmm… I’m starting to understand. It’s like an early Valentine’s Day only you don’t have to be nice to anyone and you can yell at a TV — unless that’s your thing?

So how do you vote?

Simply go to and starting February 6th, when the Superbowl starts (I don’t know what time that is, anyone?) and you can watch the top companies battle it out for the funniest, most memorable TV spot.

Watch last years winner “Doritos: House Rules”:

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Will you be voting?