Earlier today, we got the opportunity to speak to Channing Tatum, while he was out promoting his latest feature The Eagle. The star shed some light on his upcoming film  21 Jump Street, which is the big screen adaptation of the popular 80′s TV show that made Johnny Depp famous. Tatum revealed that the film’s script is like nothing he’s ever seen before and he’s really excited about it. He also spoke about teaming up with Jonah Hill and their never ending quest to get Depp for a cameo. Check out what else he had to say…

On the script for 21 Jump Street:

21 Jump Street will be the most insane ride that you will ever go on. It’s the most ridiculous script I’ve ever read in my entire life. I’ve read a lot of insane scripts and this one takes the cake. The stuff that we’re going to get to do — you’re just gonna be like, ‘I can’t believe that they’re getting to do this.’”

When asked about working alongside Hill, who’s known for his improv, Tatum has no idea what to expect.

“Who knows? Truly. It’s going to be just bonkers. We’re going to go crazy with this movie. I hope I can keep up with the kid.”

On getting Johnny Depp to appear in the film:

“We’re beating on his door so hard that I hope he answers. Yeah, we would freak out I think. We’re on top of it every single day. I think we send him something every single day.”

On the part that’s already written for Depp:

“It will be a surprise. If and when it does happen, it will be crazy and true to form. And as brilliant as he is, it will be true to form to him.”

Tatum really has us wondering what’s in that script?! Depp has expressed interest in making a cameo multiple times in the past. We hope they work something out because we’d love to see what Tom Hanson’s been up to over the past 20 years.

Do you think that Depp will appear in the film? Are you excited about the remake?