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With a majority of the country’s eyes glued to the big screen for Sunday’s Super Bowl, look for this weekend’s  box office to be ruled by low-grade teen horror fare with Gossip Girl Alum Leighton Meester‘s The Roommate, Oscar Nominees such as The King’s Speech, action flick holdovers The Mechanic/The Green Hornet and James Cameron’s Sanctum.

And Now For Our Predictions…..

#1 The Roommate


The movie going public has shown that they are willing to pay top dollar for low-grade horror/thriller/teen fare in the winter months with the likes of The Haunting in Connecticut to The Last House On The Left all opening to solid numbers. Throw in a C-level TV star in Gossip Girl Leighton Meester, tabloid favorite Minka Kelly( Derek Jeter’s Girlfriend), and The Roommate will open at the #1 spot.

Our Prediction:$12-13M Opening weekend

#2 Sanctum

The King Of The World Mr.James Cameron returns to theaters abet as a producer on the thriller Sanctum. While the film boast no stars whatsoever, Cameron’s name alone added with the higher 3D ticket prices should help land Sanctum at the #2 spot this weekend.

Our Prediction: $10-11M Opening.weekend.

#3 No Strings Attached


With a solid opening weekend, and better than average second weekend hold, No Strings Attached has become the go to romantic comedy date movie. The Super Bowl should steal away some moving going couples, but look for the Ashton Kutcher/Natalie Portman film to hold steady at #3.

Our Prediction: $9M Weekend Box Office

#4 The King’s Speech


In just a matter of weeks the The King’s Speech has gone from Oscar hopeful to Oscar front runner and a likely $100m grossing film. Add in last weekend’s surge in box office receipts , strong week-week declines, and The King’s Speech should land at the # 4 spot this weekend.

Our Prediction: $8M Weekend Box Office.

#5 The Rite


Anthony Hopkins scored a number one opening last weekend with The Rite, however horrid reviews, likely poor word of mouth, and the super bowl will knock The Rite all the way down to the number #5 spot this weekend.

And Now For The Rest Of The Top Ten.

#6 The Mechanic


Our Prediction: $6.5-7M Weekend Box Office

#7 True Grit


Our Prediction: $6M Weekend Box Office

#8 The Green Hornet


Our Prediction: $5.5-6M Weekend Box Office.

#9 The Black Swan

Our Prediction: $4.5M Weekend Box Office.

#10 The Fighter

Our Prediction $3.5M Weekend Box Office