Do you remember last year, when Forest Whitaker made a guest appearance on the CBS hit “Criminal Minds?” That was just a taste of what was to come, because he’s got his own series now called “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.” The network has released a full trailer for the show and it gives us a sneak peek at the rest of the cast including Janeane Garofalo. Take a look…

The show’s crew consists of Sam Cooper (Whitaker), Beth Griffith (Garofalo), Mick Rawson (Matt Ryan), Gina LaSalle (Beau Garrett), and Jonathan “Prophet” Simms (Michael Kelly). As you can see from the trailer, they’re a rag tag team that works better off the grid. Office buildings and desks are for the birds!

We’re not regular watchers of the original “Criminal Minds” so what do you think of the spin-off? Are they trying too hard or do they have their own thing going on? Could this turn out to be the next “NCIS: Los Angeles” or perhaps “CSI: Miami?” So many spin-offs, not enough space on our TV schedule!

“Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior” premieres February 16th.

What do you think of the new cast? Are you going to watch the show?

Source: EW