Morgan Spurlock, the master of the documentary was back at this years Sundance Film Festival with the ironically titled film The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. The film makes a mockery of itself by selling out, while questioning and showing the process of what “selling out” actually does to a film. This film is in fact the greatest movie ever sold-out because in every, way, shape and form it attempts to sell it’s soul in order to get the film made and show what making a film entails. It even has commercials in the film which though they are sarcastic, are real commercials… so who is the winner? Apparently POM….

Of course the idea starts as a fun romp of Spurlock calling up every brand he can possibly think of and getting rejected. Once Ban signs on, suddenly others follow and we get to see exactly what it takes to get a film made. For us, we see Jeff Bridges sipping a Red Bull, but we learn that what we’re really seeing 15 seconds agreed to by dozens of people, several contracts and specific stipulations, which are sometimes extremely random and all have to be in place in order for no one to get sued.

Spurlock is one of my favorite interviews because the man knows what it takes to get a good interview so therefore he knows how to give one. In many ways he made my job simple and was a pleasure to speak with. Find out what it took Spurlock to make the film in our interview with him below…

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