Steve Zaillian is a busy, busy man. A couple weeks ago we learned that the screenwriter would pen the English adaptation of the indie favorite TimeCrimes, and now he’s taking on Jack Ryan. According to Deadline, Zaillian has been tapped to write the revamp of the dormant film franchise, which currently has Chris Pine attached to star.

The title of the Jack Ryan reboot is currently being called Moscow but nothing is set in stone. The film will be directed by “Lost” helmer Jack Bender and will center on an original plot not based on any of Tom Clancy’s books. A production date hasn’t been set, but they’re hoping to begin shooting sometime next year. Considering Pine’s busy schedule, we think they should figure that out as soon as possible.

Zaillian is no rookie when it comes Jack Ryan’s world. He penned 1994′s Clear and Present Danger, which featured Harrison Ford as the character. There’s also word that he did a major rewrite on Patriot Games, Ford’s first entry into the series after replacing Alec Baldwin from The Hunt for Red October.

What do you think of Zaillian returning to the Jack Ryan franchise? Do you think he can restore it to its former glory?