We’ve known for some time now that Gareth Edwards‘ the man who wow-ed everyone with his ultra-low budget, first movie, Monsters is set to direct the reboot of another monster production only this time with a budget and a recognizable name to match – Godzilla. While promoting the release of his film Monsters on Blu-ray this week he dropped a few hints as to his latest monstrosity (see what I did there?). Though Godzilla is still in the very early stages, Edwards spoke to Shock Till You Drop very briefly about the production and told us something that we all want him to say…

I guess I will say I’m highly aware – and everyone involved is incredibly aware – of everyone’s opinions on what this film has to do and what it has to be. And no one will do anything but the right thing. Without addressing anything specific, everyone knows how important is to get it right.

… basically he’s aware of the pressure and doesn’t plan on f*cking it up. Edwards repeated the sentiment to the London Evening Standard….

Everyone involved knows what the film has to be, what’s important to me is that, as well as spectacle, you have to give a shit about what’s happening and why.

I have to say, I’m not convinced on the remake but I am convinced by Edwards. When I saw Monsters at LA Film Festival last year I thought three things, A. this guys is smart and has built an entire film around an idea that he doesn’t have to show B. when he does “show” us what we’ve been waiting for, he knows how to handle himself with effects, and C. despite his effort, which I loudly applaud, his story had some issues for me. He proved that he can handle special effects and that he knows how to cultivate tension — which is something very difficult to do — but everything eventually comes back to story.

Now I will say, he was quite honest at the Q&A after the screening and said that he had no real script for the film, they just shot as much as they could and put the story together as they went and had to form the story around locations they could get. Perhaps having a real writer lock down a solid story-line for him will allow him to flourish in the areas he has proved himself in. Or maybe it will suck that raw filmmaker in him dry. OR maybe the screenplay will try so hard to please everyone that everyone BUT ME will like it and I’ll say “remember that film Monsters, now that was a story.”

Only time will tell! The good news is, he told Shock Till You Drop that he won’t be writing this bad boy and seems very humble about stepping forward into this mega-franchise.

One thing is for sure, this guy’s got talent. I for one don’t need another Godzilla film and I wish that they could take someone with his skills and apply it to an original idea — but that’s just not the way the business works. It’s obvious that this guy wants to be a filmmaker so it’s great to see him being given a chance, I just hope that they can make this film both big and and great and that after this they let him do something original — a mind like his shouldn’t be wasted on reiterating old ides. But he’s not the first director to get spun into that web!

In case you haven’t seen Monsters, check out the trailer for it now. And it’s worth renting, streaming, buying if you’ve got the time!

What do you think of Edward’s taking on Godzilla and not writing it?