Over the past few months we’ve seen our fair share of images from Captain America: The First Avenger. The majority of them featured Chris Evans as the title character and Hayley Atwell as the female lead Peggy Carter, but what about Bucky Barnes? Barnes is Cap’s loyal sidekick and he’s been M.I.A. — until now! A new photo (low quality) has appeared online and it gives us our first look at Sebastian Stan as the character. Check out the photo below…

Here’s the updated HQ photo of Steve Rogers (Evans) and Bucky Barnes (Stan), via The LA Times.

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We warned you that the picture would be low quality. It’s not the best image but it’s the only one around thus far. We’re sure a HQ version will pop up sooner than later. In any case, from what we can tell, Stan definitely has the Bucky Barnes hair down to a science. We can’t wait to see how he looks stacked against Evans as Steve Rogers. The actors themselves are only two years a part in age but isn’t Bucky supposed to be a lot younger than the Captain?

For those of you who are die hard Captain America fans, is this the Bucky you know and love?

What do you think of Stan as the character?

Source: Les Toiles Heroiques