Yesterday we got a sneak peek at two TV spots that will appear during Sunday’s Super Bowl presentation. One of them was for Chevy and Transformers Dark of the Moon and the other was for Kung Fu Panda 2. Today we’ve learned that another movie ad will feature something a little more than just pretty colors and fast editing. Are you a fan of the Angry Birds game? If so, you’re in luck because during the commercial for the animated feature Rio, there will be a hidden message embedded in the ad just for you!

According to 20th Century Fox:

This Sunday, Twentieth Century Fox’s upcoming animated motion picture event RIO will make Super Bowl commercial history, when the 30-second RIO spot becomes the first-ever to air with an embedded code.

Super Bowl fans in the United States watching RIO’s new commercial spot are invited to find the frame with the embedded code that will in turn direct them to a special level on ANGRY BIRDS, Rovio’s blockbuster game, which recently entered into a first-of-its kind partnership with RIO. That level will take you to a RIO sweepstakes.

The sweepstakes winner will attend RIO’s world premiere in Rio de Janeiro on March 22. That same day, Fox and Rovio launch the highly anticipated “Angry Birds Rio” app. The spot will be available across the web after the Super Bowl.

Did you catch that? Angry Birds is everywhere! Don’t forget that back in August it was announced that a feature film version of the game was in the works. This partnership with Rio could be the first step towards total media domination!

Are you going to participate in the sweepstakes?

Source: Coming Soon