Do you remember the thrillers Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider? Both films starred Morgan Freeman and both were based off novels written by James Patterson. Morgan played a character named Alex Cross, and he appears in more than his fair share of books. Since there’s so much material to expand on, Hollywood is looking to reboot the character and revive his feature franchise. The first order of business is to cast a younger, hipper Cross. According to Deadline, Freeman is out and Tyler Perry is in!

Perry’s casting comes as a shock considering British star Idris Elba was named as the front runner for the part back in August. He was originally set to play the title character in the film, which would be based off the book simply titled Cross, with David Twohy directing. This revised version will feature Perry under the direction of Rob Cohen, yes Rob “XXX” Cohen!

The biggest concern is whether or not Perry can convince his fans to cross over (pun intended) into his new career venture. He will have no control over the script and he won’t be directing. And in his projects, he typically controls both.

We’re happy to see Perry branching out into other areas, but we have to be honest: Elba would have been perfect for this part! What happened? We’re assuming there’s no bad blood between him and Perry. The duo previously worked together on Perry’s film Daddy’s Little Girls.

What do you think of Perry playing Alex Cross? Should they have kept Elba?