Via Soft Pedia

With the final results in, this weekend’s top box office winner was the Anthony Hopkins horror/thriller The Rite which came in at #1, while the Ashton Kutcher/Natalie Portman romantic comedy No String’s Attached held strong at#2 as both films came in right along with our predictions.

The rest of the top five saw a neck-to neck race as Jason Statham’s The Mechanic opened with double digit grosses ,Seth Rogan’s The Green Hornet held strong as both films  entered at the # 3/4 spot respectively coming in a bit above our own predictions, while The King’s Speech surged past last weekend gross due to a theater expansion,but entered at the #5 spot coming a bit behind our own predictions.

Oscar nominees, holiday leftovers, and The Dilemma rounded out the rest of the top 10. Oscar nominee True Grit came in right along with our predictions holding strong at # 6, while The Dilemma showed decent hold to come in a notch above our predictions coming at #7The Black Swan, The Fighter continued to show box office stamina coming at #7/8 respectively as The Black Swan came in a bit below our predictions due to The Dilemma’s modest hold , while The Fighter came in spot on  with our predictions inching it’s way to 100M.

With no family film competition whatsoever, Yogi Bear showed amazing legs to come in at #10 and moves one step closer to becoming a 100M grossing film.

That’s all for now folks. Stay Tuned For This Week’s Box Office Predictions…