Gil Grissom is back! The former leader of the CSI team from the hit CBS drama  will reappear as a special guest on an upcoming episode. According to EW, William Petersen and his alter ego will reunite with his old buddies and his on screen wife Jorja Fox won’t be too far behind. What are those two up to exactly? Find out below…

Petersen has already shot his cameo appearance, which many suspect will air this week on February 3. The site claims that his return will have something to do with his long lost mother who’ll be played by Phyllis Frelich.

“…a murder occurs at a school for the deaf where Grissom’s mom is a professor. Sara goes to investigate but ends up facing an unexpected challenge — a surprising lack of affection from her mother-in-law. Apparently, Grissom’s mom never felt that Sara was the one for her beloved Gil so the two women have a few fences to mend. The episode also stars Oscar winner Marlee Matlin as a school colleague who not only serves as Mrs. Grissom’s protege but used to date Gil.”

This episode will feature Gil’s talent for sign language, which was first revealed in season one, when he discussed growing up with a deaf mother. Petersen left “CSI” in 2009, and was replaced by Oscar nominee Laurence Fishburne.

How do you feel about Petersen’s return and the story surrounding it?