Do you remember the bromantic comedy I Love You, Man from a couple years ago? The film starred Paul Rudd and Jason Segel and it features a lot of too close for comfort moments between the heterosexual buddies. The film wasn’t a monster hit at the box office but it had some fans, enough to warrant a sequel…or a sort of sequel. Rudd and Segel have joined forces with veteran musicians Rush for I Love You, Man: The After Show. Check it out…

In the video, Rudd and Segel reprise their roles as Peter and Sydney from I Love You Man and if you remember correctly, the duo has an unhealthy obsession with the band. As a matter of fact, their little obsession is one of the main things that drew them to one another.

Here we see them getting a little too comfortable in Rush’s dressing room after a concert. Sydney got the pair some fake passes, but Peter is none the wiser. They’re eventually confronted by the band, who promptly ask them to leave. But before it’s all said and done, Peter get’s a special gift from one of the members.

This sketch doesn’t touch the surface of hilarity that’s present in I Love You Man. If you haven’t seen the movie, a lot of the second hand language will come off as mumbo jumbo to you. Watch the film first to get the full impact.

What do you think of the video? Was it funny or should it die?

Source: Funny or Die