Last weekend, Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg hosted “Saturday Night Live,” and to the surprise of many, it was a funny episode! The Social Network star kicked off the show with a hilarious monologue that featured a special, special guest appearance by his alter-ego Mark Zuckerberg. As we all know, Zuckerberg wasn’t the biggest supporter of Eisenberg’s portrayal of him in the film, and when these two finally met face to face it was — awkward! Watch the meeting below…

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First and foremost, we just want to acknowledge how great Eisenberg was last week. He was funny, energetic, and open to anything. Besides the monologue, other highlights included the “Mr. Wizard” and “Bride of Blackenstein” sketches, the latter of which featured musical guest Nicki Minaj in the title role.

As for the meeting between Eisenberg and Zuckerberg — strange! You have to give credit to both men for being able to make fun of a rather uncomfortable situation. And Zuckerberg may be great at computer programing, and he may be a billionaire, but acting is not is strong suit. Let’s leave that in Eisenberg’s hands for the foreseeable future.

What did you think of Zuckerberg’s appearance on Saturday Night Live? Did you enjoy the show?