The first official poster for Scream 4 has been released and it’s a killer (pun intended). Over the past couple months, we’ve seen our fair share of promo photos from the sequel, but the studio has held off on posters — until now. Over on Yahoo Movies, they’ve debuted a teaser that features a pair of terrified eyes that we all know too well. Take a look…

The tagline for the poster reads, “New decade. New rules,” and it shows a blue eyed woman’s scared face. Her terrified look is covered by by the number four, which represents the fourth installment in the series, and the beginning of the new trilogy. We’re not sure if it’s Neve Campbell’s face that’s being shown, or Courteney Cox’s. It looks more like the latter. Who do you think it is?

Also check out the teaser posters from the previous three films, and tell us how this one stacks up. Our favorite is the original that features Drew Barrymore. It’s an oldie but goodie that still delivers!

Scream 4 is scheduled to hit theaters on April 15.

What do you think of the new one sheet? Are you interested in seeing the sequel?