Just when we thought we’d found one romantic comedy without Katherine Heigl’s influence, we’ve been proven wrong! Over the past month, the casting for Garry Marshall’s latest film New Year’s Eve has been growing at the speed of light. The movie has experienced a serious surge in actors with the latest batch being added on Thursday. Now according to Deadline, the reigning rom-com queen Heigl has found a way to creep into the mix.

The site reports that Heigl will replace Oscar winner Halle Berry in the ensemble comedy that will have her serving as a love interest for Jon Bon Jovi. He’ll play (you guessed it) a rock star who once dumped Heigl’s food catering character but now finds himself face to face with her again at a party.

Berry recently dropped out of the film just as the production was getting under way. Her reps claim that New Year’s Eve is the perfect project for the actress because it’s an ensemble piece that will allow plenty of flexibility in her schedule. The actress was in early talks to star in the film, prior to this casting but nothing ever came of it.

We feel as if Berry would have been a better fit for the role than Heigl. Her and Bon Jovi are in the same age group and their both really, really good looking. Nothing against Heigl, but we’re sick of seeing her in every romantic comedy produced. What about you?

What do you think of Berry vs Heigl? Do you think she’s decent recast?