It’s almost time! Aren’t you excited? No!? Well, get there. Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 1st, advance tickets for Justin Bieber‘s film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never will go on sale and my friends, as they used to say on cheesy commercials, that’s not all! One lucky Beiber fan suffering from the Feiver will receive a Golden Ticket! I didn’t know Bieber had a chocolate factory?! Wait, he doesn’t, or at least he hasn’t invited five rascally kids to try and take over it. Back on point! If you win one of the two Golden Tickets, you won’t have to go to Bieber, because the Biebster will be coming to you…

I think my dog just heard a group of young girls and boys screaming, either that or there is an earthquake coming. It’s always either Bieber or a natural disaster when that happens. That is unless Johnny Depp is back from his Island. Once again, back to the story!

If you purchase tickets on and/or tomorrow you will be automatically entered to win “The Ultimate Golden Ticket Sweepstakes”, in which one lucky person from each site will win a date with Justin for their very own hometown screening of Never Say Never for them and a friend. Just make sure the friend you bring is less attractive than you and everything should be fine. Just imagine if you buy a ticket from BOTH sites and win BOTH Golden Tickets! That’s double-Bieber — by then you’re practically a couple…

OK I’ll stop now. I just really hope these golden tickets go to some cute youngsters and not some creepy old dude. Ew.

The movie open in RealD 3D, Digital 3D and 2D Nationwide on February 11, 2011.

Check out the trailer for the film now — it gets me choked up every time.

Commence your bitter and/or excited comments!