A couple weeks ago a teaser trailer was released for the upcoming biopic Soul Surfer, and as the title suggests — it’s about surfing. Well, it’s more of a combination of surfing and perseverance over a horrifying ordeal. The film refers to the lead character as played by AnnaSophia Robb, who stars as the real teenager (Bethany Hamilton) who caught America’s attention when the unthinkable happened to her while she was catching a wave. The official trailer for Soul Surfer has been released, check it out and you’ll see exactly what we mean…

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In this version of the trailer, they actually show the partial arm. In the teaser, they were hiding it as if they were waiting for a big reveal. We all know what happens to it. The poor girl’s story was all over the news. To get the look, the actress had to wear a green sleeve on her arm, which they edited out later. The CGI isn’t the greatest in the world but it serves its purpose.

The film also stars Dennis Quaid, Helen Hunt, Carrie Underwood, Jeremy Sumpter, and Kevin Sorbo. It’s scheduled to hit theaters on April 8.

What do you think of the trailer for Soul Surfer?