Who’s going to take the quirky humor of “Bones” into a new direction next year? Geoff Stults that’s who! The actor has landed the lead role in the series spin-off that Fox is producing. According to TVLine, the “Happy Town” and “7th Heaven” alum beat out a solid group of actors to become the show’s headliner.

The website reports that Stults will appear in the pilot of the show, which will be aired as the 19th episode of “Bones” this season. Watch out for that. The new show is based on The Locator, a two book series written by Richard Greener. The story centers on Walter Sherman aka “the Locator,” a former military policeman who can find anything.

It was previously announced that Walter’s partner will be played by Oscar nominee Michael Clarke Duncan. Duncan’s character’s name is Leo, a tough, raw-hide cowboy philosopher. That will be a sight to see. We’re happy to hear that Duncan is getting work that’s worthy of his talent. He’s been slipping in the quality department for the past eight years. It’s time for a change.

What do you think of Stults landing the lead in the Bones spin-off? Will you watch?