Earlier today we expressed our concern about the growing cast of Garry Marshall’s New Year’s Eve. The romantic comedy is becoming less of an ensemble and more of a free-for-all. This morning it was announced that Josh Duhamel had joined the cast and now THR is reporting that two more have signed on to co-star. Make room for Ice Cube and Ryan Seacrest everybody!

New Year’s Eve centers on the intertwining stories of a group of New Yorkers as they navigate their way through bittersweet drama and romance over the course of New Year’s Eve. The various romances or non-romances will intersect and weave an overall plot laced with love and loss.

Duhamel’s character is said to be a hopeless romantic who spends the day trying to get to New York in the hope of getting to a party in order to re-meet a mystery girl from the previous year. Cube will star as a police office who works with the director of the Times Square festivities (Hilary Swank), and Seacrest will make a cameo as himself (probably announcing the big event).

We’re not sure how much the budget is for this film but it has to be outlandish. If not, everyone involved must really like Marshall or are working for peanuts. We already had concerns about the film from the beginning and now we’re just terrified of what the final product will look like.

What do you think of the latest additions to Valentine’s Day?