Hearing that the Scott Brothers have produced a film of entirely of user-submitted content means one of two things — this is going to be a complete, chaotic mess, with random thoughts, and scattered ideas that don’t lead up to anything OR this is a film that will change cinema as we know it and absolutely shock and amaze audiences. For me there was really no in between. So what was it….

The Players:

The Plot:

Life in a Day is a documentary that includes footage from filmmakers all over the world that shows what happens over the course of one day — July 24, 2010. With the help of YouTube users, director Kevin McDonald was able to gather enough material to make a feature film that will hopefully serve as a time capsule for future generations


To my surprise it was the latter. I went in expecting a mess, and was shocked when I found that this was one of the most thoughtful, well-made, honest, and highly effectual films of the festival. There was something about it that just touched your inner core; whether it be the mother of a family, having cancer and taking care of her child with a smile on her face, a young boy shining shoes, a music festival going horribly wrong, or a teenage girl talking to the camera having “just one of those days” — there was something that just resonated with our basic human instincts.

It does a beautiful job at showing people’s distinct individual personalities and yet also shows how similar we all are. It leaves you feeling relieved in an odd way because no matter what is going on in your life, there is so much more out there, and yet your single life is also important. It’s a hard concept to display cinematically or even grasp in general, but somehow this film manages to have it all simply laid out in front of you for you to experience. And that is what this film is, an experience of life, big, small, old new.

And don’t be too discouraged about the seriousness or headiness of what I’m talking about. For such a seemingly convoluted film, it was extremely easy to follow and filled with quite a bit of humor. This is not just for the “educated” film-goer (if that even exists) this film is for everyone, of all ages (not too young it does get violent), all genders, creeds…. It’s for you.

There’s no doubt that someone or something in this film will resonate with you, because there is so much basic life issues that we all deal with, that we all can grasp.


This is a truly beautiful film like anything you’ve ever seen before. I highly recommend sitting down and letting it wash over you as soon as you get the chance. And who knows, cinema may have just changed in the way that we know it…

Rating: 9.2/10