The biggest night in television (Super Bowl Sunday) is almost upon us and the Fox network is busy promoting the event. This year’s Super Bowl will be followed by a very special episode of “Glee,” which will be “thrillerific!” We’re pretty sure that’s not a word but it’s a good way to describe the episode. It will feature a classic tune from Michael Jackson and put a serious spin on football! Check out the photos below…

Back in November we learned that “Glee” would have a special Super Bowl themed episode following the coveted game that would feature a special mash-up of Michael Jackson’s hit “Thriller” with a yet to be named tune. We still don’t know what song is epic enough to go head to head with M.J. Perhaps it will be something from The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Perhaps, they’ll pick a present day hit to balance it out?

For those of you who think it will be a tribute episode — it’s not. Sorry. For some odd reason it’s O.K. to honor artists from the last decade as opposed to those who have been a part of pop cultures for over 40 years.

What other song do you think they’ll use in the episode?

Source: Collider