Are you ready to scream like you’ve never screamed before? That’s the question that Ghostface might be asking Emma Roberts in the above photo. Judging from her reaction she doesn’t want to play his infamous, “What’s your favorite scary movie” game. In promotion of Scream 4, the latest installment in the Wes Craven directed horror saga, two new photos from the film have been released. One of Roberts and another of David Arquette and Courteney Cox, check it out…

We’re totally confused as to why this image looks as if was taken out of Scream 1 or 2. Why is Dewey wearing the same uniform?  After all he’s been through, is he still a deputy? In Scream 3 he had taken a break from the police force, but obviously he’s back in the game, and as a survivor of the infamous Ghostface you’d think that would get him some points in terms of rank.

Maybe the outfit is supposed to throw us off? As for Gail, she looks like…Gail. She’s pent up and ready for her latest scoop aka pay day.

Scream 4 is scheduled to hit theaters on April 15.

What do you think of the latest photos from Scream 4? Are you interested in seeing the sequel?