It looks like MTV can only ride the wave of controversy for so long before people realize the truth. The cable networks’ U.S. version of the U.K. teen series “Skins” has suffered a serious ratings drop after its first airing. When the show debuted it was surrounded my negative buzz due to the explicit and sexual nature of its content, which features some underage actors. When parental watch dog groups caught wind of the show they went into full protest mode, and it looks like they’re hard work is paying off.

According to Reuters, nearly half a dozen advertisers have backed off from promoting their products during the series. Some of them include Taco Bell, Wrigley gum, General Motors, Subway, Schick, and even H&R Block (What were they doing advertising during this show?). Therefore, MTV was forced to air network heavy promos during the show.

MTV released a statement prior to the massive ad decline stating that they are confident that “Skins’ “will continue to connect with the audience it was created for and that advertisers will take advantage of the opportunity to reach them.”

Next, the ratings for “Skins” dipped from its first week’s debut of 3.3 million, to this week’s 1.6 million. That’s a 52 percent drop. This probably had something to do with their M.I.A. lead-in. They didn’t have a new episode of the hit “Jersey Shore” to anchor them new viewers, and after the initial curiosity of the show wore off following the pilot, people didn’t come back for more.

Do you think MTV will continue to air the show or pull the plug?