Garry Marshall’s Valentine’s Day follow up New Year’s Eve is seriously starting to scare us. The cast is growing at an alarming rate, and just when we thought it was done three more actors sign on! According to THR, Jon Bon Jovi (yes, he acts too), Seth Meyers (“Saturday Night Live“), and Til Schweifger (Inglourious Bastards) are all on board.

The trade reports that Bon Jovi’s character will be linked to Halle Berry’s love-lorned alter ego. He’ll play (you guessed it) a rock star who once dumped Berry’s caterer character but now finds himself face to face with her again at a party.

Meyer will be hooked up with Jessica Biel who’ll play his wife in the comedy. His character wants her to deliver the first baby of the year in order to win a $25,000 reward and finds himself in a heated competition. Schweiger just recently closed his deal so we’re not exactly sure who he’ll play in the movie.

We’re actually looking forward to Bon Jovi in this movie. He’s probably the only person we’re interested in. He’s not a bad actor. Do you remember his stint on “Ally McBeal?” What about his hosting gig on SNL? He’s got chops!

What do you think of the growing cast for New Year’s Eve? Who’s next on the casting list?