Oscar winner Robert De Niro isn’t looking to star in his own TV show, but he will produce one! According to EW, the actor has struck up a deal with the CBS network to produce a new crime drama called “Rookies,” and guess what it will center on? Cops! It’s always either cops, doctors, or lawyers with these people isn’t it?

De Niro has joined forced with novelist Richard Price on the show, which centers on six fresh faced New York cops, who are desperately trying to balance their new careers with their personal lives. Now, we’re not ones to judge but haven’t we seen this before? Wasn’t there a show on ABC called “Rookie Blue” last year that covered the exact same premise — give or take a few details? We guess no one says no to De Niro regardless of how stale the project is.

Conveniently one of the executive producers of “Rookies” is Jane Rosenthal, who happened to produce De Niro’s latest film Little Fockers.

Can the eye network mix up with their dramas just a little bit? CBS is seriously starting to pick up regurgitated material.

What do you think of Rookies? Will you tune in?