Spider-Man has been very busy lately. Between jumping on trucks and sulking in the rain, the webbed superhero has had his hands full. Earlier this week we saw some photos and footage of a stunt performer on the film set, but we couldn’t get any details regarding his suit. He was too far away. But now a larger photo has appeared online and it highlights everything, including mechanical web shooters! Take a look…

Can we examine this suit for a minute? This is the first time we see the mask because in the official photo with Andrew Garfield he’s not wearing it. It doesn’t appear to be anything special. The biggest thing to take note of are the mechanical web shooters. In the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy Peter Parker’s web was organic, and there was nothing mechanical about them.

Overall, the suit is streamlined and the stunt performer is lean and mean. The look definitely takes a few notes from the Ultimate Spider-Man comic as opposed to the traditional one. Once the movie goes into post production we’re sure Spidey’s ensemble will get hit with a lot of airbrushing and extra gloss for a super photogenic effect. They’ll make it work.

What do you think of the new suit?

Source: MTV