Last summer was supposed to be the summer of Iron Man. The highly anticipated sequel Iron Man 2 hit theaters, and despite its financial success it was a critical dud. The movie was uneven to say the least and one of the main problems was the relationship between supposed best buds Tony Stark and James Rhodes. Regardless of our concerns, it appears that the studio has plans for a War Machine spin-off that would have Don Cheadle in his own adventure.

MTV recently caught up with Cheadle, while at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, and he revealed the developing War Machine plans.

“They’re developing it now, they’re working on that. I think they’ve hired a writer, so we’ll see how it goes. It would be a lot of fun.”

Do we need a War Machine movie? Seriously? This is a valid question. If the character is anything like he was in Iron Man 2, they need to drop this idea stat. They think he’s good enough for a solo adventure but they don’t want him to add any support in The Avengers.

Cheadle said, “I don’t think he shows up in [Avengers]. I think he’s kind of a lone wolf.”

We can’t even explain our lack of interest towards this. We love Cheadle and think he’s an amazing actor but his interpretation of the character was lacking. Sorry, Don.

Do you want to see War Machine in his own movie? Are you a fan of the character?