The song “Hard Knock Life” represents the downtrodden people of the world, and it became Billboard gold for rapper Jay-Z back in 1998 when he released his album …Vol. 2. It sampled a hook and a beat from the classic play Annie, which centers on a spirited red-haired girl and her life in an orphanage. Several reports state that Jay-Z may team up with Will Smith for a revamp of the classic character. And this time the title role could be played by Smith’s daughter Willow.

According to Variety, Will Smith is currently in talks with Sony to produce an Annie remake. They’re in the early development stages, but Jay-Z, who signed the younger Smith to his Roc Nation record label, might be on board to retool the music.

Smith and his wife Jada, recently achieved reboot success with the 2010 summer feature The Karate Kid, which starred their son Jaden. They know a thing or two about keeping it in the family.

We know a lot of people have issues with remakes, but Annie has been done so many times that we don’t have a connection to any of the incarnations.

What do you think of Willow as Annie? Would you like to see a remake?