UK actor-comedian Richard Ayoade ( Maurice Moss from The IT Crowd) wrote the screenplay and directed this coming-of-age film, starring Sally Hawkins, Paddy Considine, and Noah Taylor. Ben Stiller steps in as Executive Producer and Alex Turner (The Arctic Monkeys) supplied the music for what looks to be a witty adaptation of Joe Dunthorn’s 2008 novel of the same name. Will it be a comic tour de force, or another hipster indie let down?

The synopses I’ve read suggest that this falls somewhere between Rushmore and The Rage in Placid Lake, the latter of which not enough people saw. I’m curious to see how this film will distinguish itself from the others, and I wager that it will all depend on how Ayoade chooses his directorial voice– this being is his first stab at directing.

Knowing a little about Richard Ayoade’s past projects, I have high hopes for this film. His sense of humor does have a dry British quality to it with joke build-ups worthy of Monty Python, which I enjoy in small doses. But he mixes it with a very modern twist of sarcasm and irony that I find irresistible. So throw in some Ben Stiller timing and physicality and this film can’t go wrong.