Last weekend’s box office winner The Green Hornet will find itself sliding to the number two spot because Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman’s No Strings Attached should have enough steam to plow the competition. Moviegoers will find themselves catching up with last weekend’s Golden Globe winners as well as leftover holiday fare such as Little Fockers and Tron Legacy. All in all it should be an interesting weekend at the theater.

And now on to our predictions…..

# 1 No Strings Attached

Riding the wave of her Golden Globe win and future Oscar Nomination, arrives Portman and Kutcher’s No Strings Attached, which should land itself at the top spot this weekend. Portman is untested when it comes to romantic comedies, as most of the box office weight will rely heavily on Kutcher whose forays into the genre have seen varied success with first weekend openings as high as $22.5M for Guess Who? to a low of $ 7.5M for A Lot Like Love. Add in an uneven marketing campaign with trailers that consistently changed from week to week and No Strings Attached should find itself with a modest yet successful opening.

Our Prediction: $16-17M Opening  Weekend Box Office.

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#2 The Green Hornet

With a solid opening weekend, good audience feedback via Cinemascore, and a lack of any real direct competition The Green Hornet should come in second place this weekend. The real big question is whether Hornet will hold up well in the upcoming weeks to become a true blockbuster OR perform like the ill-fated Daredevil. Only time will tell.

Our Prediction: 15M Weekend Box Office.

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# 3. True Grit

Continued word of mouth, small week to week declines and probable Oscar nominations will help keep True Grit sitting at the number three spot this weekend. The Coen Brother’s latest has seen its box office soar to new heights and has now opened the possibility of True Grit becoming the first ever $200M grossing film for the directors.

Our Prediction- 9-9.5M Weekend Box Office.

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# 4. Black Swan

With a Portman’s Golden Globe win for best actress, possible Oscar nominations, and an ever increasing box office take, look for Black Swan to land at number four this weekend as it moves closer to becoming the first $100 million grosser Darren Aronofsky’s career.

Our Prediction: $8.5-9M Weekend Box Office.

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# 5. The Kings Speech

With a Golden Globe win for Best Actor with Colin Firth, likely Oscar nominations, and a successful expansion last weekend look for The King’s Speech to hold steady at number five.

Our Prediction: $8.5M Weekend Box Office Take.

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# 6. The Dilemma

With a weak debut opening, moviegoers catching up on recent award season films, The Dilemma should see its gross cut in half to land at number six.

Our Prediction: $8-8.5M Weekend Box Office.

# 7. The Fighter

The Fighter is riding high on awards momentum with wins for both Melissa Leo and Christian Bale from this past weekend’s Golden Globes. Factor in likely Oscar nominations, and strong weekend-weekend holds, The Fighter should land itself at the number seven spot.

Our Prediction: $5-5M Weekend Box Office

The Rest Of The Top Ten….

# 8. Yogi Bear

Our Prediction: $4M Weekend Box Office.

# 9 Little Fockers

Our Prediction- $3.8-4M Weekend Box Office.

#10. Tron

Our Prediction:$3M Weekend Box Office

Who do you think will dominate this weekend?