The Black Panther is back! The Marvel superhero has had a film adaptation slide in and out of development for years and it looks like the studio is finally buckling down to make it. According to a report on THR, Marvel has hired a writer to pen a movie about the African King who moonlights as a superhero.

Marvel’s screenwriter of choice is Mark Bailey, who comes from a documentary background. “The Black Panther first appeared in the pages of the Fantastic Four comic in 1966 and is considered the first black hero in mainstream comics.” Talk of a feature film first sprung up in the 1990′s when Wesley Snipes (who went on to do Blade) was attached to play the part.

It does seem strange that the studio would hire a documentary writer to pen a comic adaptation. Perhaps they’re looking for him to bring a certain level of grittiness and honesty to the character that a narrative writer can’t create.

We’re not sure who they plan on casting as the superhero, but we know who has our vote. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje!

What do you think of Bailey writing Black Panther? Are you interested in seeing the film?