Over the past week, several behind the scenes photos and videos have appeared online from Sony’s Spider-Man reboot. The film is currently being shot in Los Angeles, and the latest footage comes from a high pursuit chase scene that takes place in the downtown area. You can check out the video and the photos below…

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For those of you with bad eyes, we can clarify what’s going on in this scene. Spider-Man (obviously a stunt double) is being followed by a black truck that has a camera rig on it. He runs, turns the corner, spots a pick up truck and does a frontwards flip into the trunk.

Here are some images courtesy of On Location Vacations:

In other news, we’ve learned that the editor and chief of the Daily Bugle won’t appear in this Spider-Man adventure. According to IGN, “J. Jonah Jameson won’t be in the movie. That’s right, Spidey fans. We’ve confirmed that no one will be growling “Parker!” in this 3D reboot. So much for those rumors about John Slattery or Sam Elliott playing him.”

Spider-Man won’t be the same without his over the top mustache and loud voice!

What do you think of the Spider-Man footage? Are you interested in the film without Jameson?

Video Source: YouTube