He’s baaack! Ricky Gervais, the executive producer of NBC’s “The Office” will make a guest appearance on the show according to EW. Gervais will bring his alter ego David Brent to the States to mix it up with the cast, and we’re sure hilarity will ensue. Brent was the original boss on the BBC version of “The Office.” We wonder how he and Michael will get along?

Gervais’ appearance was shot months ago, and is expected to air on January 27. It’s described as a “small cameo” that will feature Brent running into Michael Scott. Since they’re pretty much the same character, will they be repelled by one another? Or will this be some creepy love fest between the two? Gervais co-created “The Office” on The BBC where it ran for two seasons, and spawned an awesome Christmas special.

With all the mixed reviews, and negative news that’s been surrounding the comedian since last Sunday’s Golden Globes, this is great to hear! Brent’s appearance will certainly add a highlight to a daunting season, which will feature the exit of Steve Carell’s character.

Are you excited about Gervais appearing on The Office? What do you think will happen?