Just yesterday we got our first look at the cast of Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men First Class. All the primary characters were featured including Professor Xavier, Magneto, and even Emma Frost, but one person was missing from the party — Sebastian Shaw. The character is the main villain in the film and he’ll be played by Kevin Bacon. Over at Moviefone, they got the opportunity to speak to the actor, and he revealed that his version of Shaw will look a lot different from what we’ve seen in the comics.

Bacon on Shaw’s physical appearance in First Class:

My look is very different from the guy in the comic books. We decided pretty early on that that was not going to translate to film. But there’s a certain kind of style to the suits that I wear, but I don’t have anything extreme in the makeup department. When you first meet me — I don’t want to spoil it — but when you first meet me, I look a little different.

On how Shaw figures into the plot:

You don’t see much [of his backstory] in the movie, but he’s kind of a self-made man. He lost his father as a young man, made his first million by the time he was 30 and first billion by time he was 40. He’s a very powerful billionaire and also, as it turns out, a mutant. He’s the leader of the Hellfire Club, which is a nightclub for the rich and extremely powerful. And he has a plot to take over the world, so that’s really fun. He’s incredibly good at manipulating people and at taking whatever kind of energy or ability they have and using it to his advantage, like if he’s talking to a German, he’s fluent in German. He’s very charming and able to get whatever he wants.

In the comics, The Hellfire Club consists of an elite group of mutants who dress in Victorian garb. Since it’s been turned into a night club, which is more relatable, we wonder if they’ll have a costume night where everyone has to dress in clothes from the past? That would be a great way to incorporate the original vibe of the characters without going too over the top.

As for the appearance of Shaw himself, Bacon looks nothing like the guy. He’s supposed to be tall, dark, and muscular. It seems as if they’re going to play up his charm and personality as opposed to his physical prowess.

X-Men First Class opens on June 3, 2011.

What do you think of the new Sebastian Shaw?