There’s been a release date shift regarding a couple tentpole projects expected to debut in 2012. Walt Disney Pitcures has just announced that they’ve pushed back Tim Burton’s revamped horror film Frankenweenie, and moved up Pixar’s 3D, live action adaptation John Carter of Mars. What does this mean for the competing studios?

First and foremost, Frankenweenie seems to be in the clear. The film was originally slated to open on March 9, 2012 but it’s now been pushed back to October 5, 2012. At the moment, no other films are scheduled to debut that week. John Carter isn’t so lucky when it comes to its new date. The film was previously set to premiere on June 8, 2012, and now it will hit theaters on March 9, 2012. Do you know what else opens on March 9? Ridley Scott’s Prometheus!

Now that Disney has vacated the June 8 slot, we’re not sure who will occupy it. As for Carter and Prometheus, that’s going to be a hard weekend to sell to audiences. Perhaps, the film’s respective fans will cancel each other out? Who are you the most excited to see between the two?

What do you think of the new release schedule? Who do you think will win between Prometheus and John Carter?

Source: Coming Soon