If you like indie movies, this is a dream DVD weekend for you as it is absolutely loaded with smaller pictures. Sure, there’s still the wide release in there (Takers), but for the most part, this weekend belongs to the little guy with everything from Oscar contenders (Animal Kingdom) to people writing spam e-mails saying their movie should be an Oscar contender (Buried). So set your DVD player for “Arthouse” and enjoy.

Or, if none of that is your bag, you can watch lots of old TV shows on DVD. Or relax with the canine misadventures of Chris Parnell.

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I don’t normally care when people disagree with me. I have my own methods of analyzing movies which I believe to be correct, and if others want to take different approaches, that’s their problem. It won’t ever effect my judgment.

But in the case of Buried, I’m extremely confused. Not that people would like this movie (people have their own reasons for this), but that so many critics seemed to enjoy it. At an 85% clip according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Again, this wouldn’t faze me. I recently thought The Green Hornet to be about a 7/10 on the quality scale and it’s been savaged like it had Tom Green in it. And that’s fine. But what confuses me so much about Buried is that I went to a packed screening with at least 4 dozen critics and everybody, to a man, hated the movie. Absolutely hated it.

It got to the point that there were audible sighs throughout the theater. People loudly “whispering”, “You’ve got to be kidding me!” and, finally, the entire theater erupting into laughter at an ending that isn’t supposed to be funny in the least. In fact, the ending is meant to be treated with the utmost earnestness.

And that’s what amazes me. Was I in a screening with the entire 15% of critics that didn’t like it? Did we see the “bad” cut of this movie? It just doesn’t make any sense.

So, I must put it to the reader:

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And if you’d like to form your own opinion, you can buy Buried on DVD.



If you like obscure BBC and FX shows, or if you just really love Ernest, then this is the TV week for you!

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  • “Hey Vern, It’s Ernest”: Complete Series – Buy Now
  • “Justified”: Season 1 – Buy Now
  • “Merlin”: Season 2 – Buy Now

And Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…