On Monday night, Kathy Bates returned to television and it had nothing to do with NBC’s “The Office.” The Oscar winning actress is headlining her own series called “Harry’s Law” about a sassy, no-nonsense lawyer who likes things done her way. Think of her as Judge Judy, but on the opposite side of the table. The ratings have come in and the people have spoken. “Harry’s Law” is — OK.

According to EW, “Law” brought in “a healthy 11 million viewers, but it earned a mere 2.1 adults 18-49 rating.” Compared to other NBC programs that have occupied the same time slot, it did OK for itself. Last fall, “Chase,”  averaged only a 1.5 rating when it occupied the same timeslot. Overall, the show came in second place for the 10 pm hour, and it beat its lead-in “The Cape,” which only brought in 6.2 million viewers.

Speaking of “The Cape,” the drama suffered a huge dip in the ratings. It dropped 31% from last Sunday’s premiere, which is dangerous. Perhaps they need to ditch some the late-nineties WB writing and get a little more contemporary. We like the premise but “The Cape” would have fared much better if it was released 10 years ago and was sandwiched between an episode of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” and “Smallville.”

Did you watch Harry’s Law last night? What did you think?