From Film School Rejects

When Daredevil opened in February of 2003, it had been fending off  months of bad buzz ranging from the choice of Ben Affleck, to middling reviews to picking a director who had never helmed a big budget action comedy based on a semi known comic book property before.

Sound like the case of The Green Hornet? Just like The Green Hornet, Daredevil was able to fight back against bad buzz, open to a solid number one opening , go on to gross nearly $200M worldwide and even spawn a spin off based on Jennifer Garner’s character, Elektra.

Like Daredevil, The Green Hornet was an early-mid winter action comedy based on a semi known comic book property that went on to have a somewhat solid first weekend opening.

How did both Daredevil and The Green Hornet make such a  miraculous turn around you ask? They both immersed themselves into various pop culture lexicons to obtain positive buzz. Daredevil had a hit song from the then hugely popular goth music pop group, Evanescence to The Green Hornet garnering positive buzz amongst the highly influential film blogger set by offering secret test screenings which quickly turned to positive chatter.

Where The Green Hornet goes from here is anyone’s guess. Will it spawn a sequel? A spin-off? Only time will tell in the weekends to come.