Music legend Aretha Franklin recently revealed her interest in producing a biopic based on her eventful life. When asked who she’d like to play her in the film, she replied Halle Berry. According to THR, the singer called into “The Wendy Williams Show” where she revealed her feature plans and her casting choice.

Here’s what Franklin had to say:

“For the last four years, we’ve been talking about that and I have had a number of offers but unfortunately, they were not good offers,” she said. “Now, we have something on the table. They have all of the financing on one project and the second project, he’s in the process of writing things for me to approve on the tele-film. Halle Berry is my pick for the older Aretha. There’s a young Aretha that has yet to be named.”

It didn’t take long for Franklin’s announcement to make its way to Berry. While on the red carpet at Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards, the actress was asked about the movie, and whether or not she was interested. She replied, “If I could carry a tune, I’d consider it,” she says. “Someone should tell Aretha that I can’t do her justice.”

The last time we checked, producers could use pre-recorded music for films. Berry’s probably just not interested.

Who do you think should play Aretha Franklin in her biopic?

Source: Zap2it