Sunday night, the 68th Annual Golden Globes aired on NBC and the most exciting thing to come out of it was Ricky Gervais. No one was at the water cooler this morning talking about who won for Best Actor or Actress, instead they were more concerned with who Gervais pissed off during his opening monologue. Since when does the host steal the spotlight from the films and its stars? Perhaps the reason more people weren’t interested in the categories was because they already knew who would win? Christian Bale for Best Supporting Actor: say what? Natalie Portman for Best Actress: really?! The Social Network for Best Picture Drama: who saw that coming?

If you didn’t notice, those were statements of sarcasm. This awards season has its favorites, and they’ve been collecting a bounty of trophies and accolades. This works wonders for people’s careers, but makes for boring and predictable awards shows, hence the Golden Globes.

Here are a few things that could have helped last night’s lukewarm ceremony…

  • There Needs to be a Threat: Last year, James Cameron shook up the Globes when he won Best Director and his film Avatar won Best Picture. Prior to the announcement there was a feeling that the awards would go to either him or Kathryn Bigelow and The Hurt Locker. In the end Cameron got the Globe but Bigelow got the Oscar. It all evened out.
  • Mix it Up: We’re not saying that The Social Network isn’t deserving, but there were other great films released last year. If they gave the award to Inception or The King’s Speech, people would be shocked, but not appalled because they’re both deserving of the honor.
  • Too Close for Comfort: The Globes aired on Sunday, and the Critics Choice Awards aired on Friday on VH1. Did you know that in all the major categories for both ceremonies, the same actors and films won? Bale, Melissa Leo, Portman, Colin Firth, and yes, The Social Network. Therefore, we had to hear the same acceptance speeches twice! If you’re going to award the same people don’t have the shows so close together. At least we have a month of breathing room until the Oscars come around.

Overall, the Golden Globes were predictable and the awards themselves brought nothing to the table. There was no shock and awe, no “can you believe they won” moments. The Globes are usually more interesting than the other shows because the actors are looser (thanks to complimentary wine), and it’s a more intimate setting. But instead of getting an entertaining show full of snubs and surprises we got The Critics Choice Awards — again.

Check out the full list of Golden Globe winners.

What did you think of the Globes this year? Did you think they were too predictable?