If you’re lucky enough to live in LA or NY you’ll be able to catch Carla Gugino in her latest role in writer/director Richard Levine’s film Every Day. She co-stars as the sexy temptress that woes Live Schreiber’s character with her free spirit and sexy writing styles — if only every writer had hot care-taker to see them through a project the writing world would be a much happier place. If you’re not lucky enough to see it on the big screen, have no fear! The film is also being released onto VOD (Video on Demand) at the exact same time! Isn’t it great to see independent film being given new wings?

We had a chance to sit down with the lovely and talented Gugino to talk to her a little bit more about making this film, working with Levine and Schreiber, and of course, why Independent film is soaring right now. Check it out…

The film also stars Liev Schreiber and Helen Hunt with Eddie Izzard and Brian Dennehy.


From the outside, it looks like Ned (LIEV SCHREIBER) has a perfect life – a lovely wife, Jeannie (HELEN HUNT), two healthy sons, a high-paying job as a television writer and a beautiful home. But cracks are starting to show around the edges. Ned’s oldest son, Jonah, (EZRA MILLER) is 15, and wants a lot more independence than Ned is comfortable with. Jeannie’s grumpy father, Ernie, (BRIAN DENNEHY) has come to live with them, and Jeannie is quickly becoming overwhelmed by her father’s constant demands and negative outlook. Ned’s boss, Garrett, (EDDIE IZZARD) isn’t liking any of Ned’s writing, contributing to Ned’s crisis of confidence and general discontent with the circumstances of his life.

So when Garrett suggests that Ned work with his sexy colleague Robin (CARLA GUGINO) to improve his script ideas, Ned jumps at the chance to get out of the house and away from his routine. Beautiful and fun-loving, Robin lives life to the fullest, with champagne and moonlight swims in her private indoor pool. Robin quickly lets Ned know she’s interested in more than just working with him, and, Ned intoxicated by her charm and the freedom of her lifestyle, knows he is treading on dangerous territory.

Check Every Day out on demand or in theaters today!