This weekend, Vince Vaughn will tickle your funny bone in his latest comedy The Dilemma (check out our review), which is great for now but the actor already has another project in the works. According to Variety, Vaughn has his eye on a comic adaptation called 2 Guns. The trade reports that he’s being tapped to star and David O. Russell is interested in writing and directing it.

If you’re not familiar with the comic, it’s probably because it only ran for five issues. From Boom! Studios it’s described as follows:

In the vein of Ocean’s Eleven and The Italian Job, Two Guns is a pulp story about cops and thieves and the men that are something in between. Trench has targeted a local bank to rob, and asked Steadman in on the job. Trench figures it’s a great way to score – considering it’s a cover for mob money. They’ll be thieves ripping off thieves. But what Steadman doesn’t know is that Trench is a DEA agent. And what Trench doesn’t know is that Steadman’s got his own secret and isn’t who he appears to be… Classic two gun safe-robbing action delivered with wit and charm from the writer-creator of Whisper!

Vince Vaughn in a comedic pulp story? Are we the only ones who remember his work as a dramatic actor? In the beginning of his career, he appeared in many dramas including 1998′s Psycho, but some people have forgotten that. It would be great to see if he can still carry that type of material, especially with Russell directing but it probably won’t happen. We’re sure they’ll amp up the “wit and charm” element they’ve described.

What do you think of Russell and Vaughn teaming up for 2 Guns?

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