More behind the scenes set photos have been released from Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot. This time we get our first look at Denis Leary’s character Captain George Stacy, who’s the father of Emma Stone’s character Gwen. Over the past month the film has been shooting in Los Angeles and we’ve seen our fair share of paparazzi shots of Stone and Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker. Now it’s time to see what Leary’s been up to…

As you can see they made Leary cut his trademark shaggy hair for something a little more close to the scalp. It will be interesting to see how different his portrayal of this character is from his role on the TV series “Rescue Me.”

The role of George Stacy was previously played by James Cromwell in Spider-Man 3, and those two look absolutely nothing alike. In the Spider-Man comic, Senior Stacy dies in a confrontation between the webslinger and Doctor Octopus, which causes Gwen to hate the superhero. We wonder if he’ll meet a similar fate in this film? Stone was spotted shooting some funeral scenes last month.

Spider-Man will open in theaters nationwide on July 3, 2012.

What do you think of Leary as Captain Stacy?

Source: Pacific Coast News