Are you in the mood for a film about average folks, with average problems that are amplified on the big screen? If your answer is yes, then you’ll probably be in the mood for Every Day. It’s a dramedy from writer-director Richard Levine that centers on the ups and downs of an every day family. These people could be your neighbors, your friends, they could even be you!

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The Players:

The Good:

  • Relatable Characters/Themes: These characters represent the “everyday” people – the people we know. There’s nothing remotely heightened or embellished about who they are as individuals or the conflicts they face. This movie has you nodding your head not because you agree with what’s on screen but because you genuinely feel for it.
  • Performances: Across the board they’re very honest, subtle performances by everyone – even the kids, which is rare.

The Good/Bad:

  • Every Day:” It’s a perfect title for this film because it very much highlights an “every day” lifestyle among “every day” people. There is a “peak” in the story, but it doesn’t feel like your average climax. The movie feels more like a series of events stocked with your typical ups and downs. I appreciate this kind of story telling because it’s risky- why? Because making a movie without the exciting characters and dramatics reduces its commercial appeal. But, clearly this director was more committed to making something real that audiences could relate to.

The Bad:

  • Not Memorable: I’d like to think that normal characters and a normal story can still make for a memorable film. Unfortunately, Every Day just feels average. There is nothing particularly gripping about the story and more importantly, it doesn’t leave the audience with anything they’ll think about after leaving the theater.


Every Day isn’t horrendous but it’s definitely not worth your money. Check out something else this weekend.

Rating: 5/10

Every Day opens in theaters January 14, 2011.

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