Do you remember the glitz and glamour of eighties primetime soaps? We do! At the time, Dynasty and Dallas ruled the airwaves and were America’s guilty pleasure way before reality TV became a novelty. In typical Hollywood fashion, they want to capitalize on that nostalgia to revamp one of the soaps for the big screen. Reports claim that a feature adaptation of Dynasty is in the works according to the show’s creators.

Dynasty centered on the wealthy and devious Carrington clan that was led by Blake, his secretary-turned-wife Krystle, his children Adam, Fallon, Steven, Amanda, and his treacherous ex-wife Alexis. The film will still have its signature drama but with the added tone of “Mad Men.”

“We’re taking the Dynasty family to places they’ve never been before,” says Richard Shaprio, “It’s fun, because the fans of the show will know from the series where each of the characters end up, eventually, but what they won’t know is how they get there. There will be some very unlikely twists and situations, and people will not be expecting a lot of what we’re planning. We’re going to do a lot of coloring outside the lines…[t]he movie will be the old Dynasty, of course, but with horns.”

The screenplay is currently in development, but no studio is attached as of yet. Dynasty is said to go into production sometime next year.

Who in the world could play the unhealthy trio of Blake, Krystle, and Alexis? And what about Dominique Deveraux? There are so many questions that could be asked about this project. Will it take place in the present day? Will they use a storyline from the show? There’s not a lot of information to go on at this point, so we’ll have to use our imaginations in regards to what will happen. What route do you think they’ll take?

What do you think of Dynasty becoming a movie?

Source: Coming Soon